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Industrial automation application

Intelligent, high-speed, high-reliability and large-capacity storage devices are the main requirements and development trends for the in-depth application of industrial automation.

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As industrial automation applications become more extensive and in-depth. Full-process data storage poses higher challenges to the rapid collection, storage and timely transfer of data. At the same time, the stability and reliability of data storage is also vital to automated production. Therefore, intelligent integration, high-speed, large-capacity and highly reliable storage devices are the main requirements and development trends for the development and in-depth application of industrial automation.

Design characteristic:

Application characteristic design:

More compact size, smaller volume and larger capacity

Long-term continuous operation

Anti-continuous vibration, impact resistance and high protection design

-40℃~85℃ wide operating temperature

Application Features

• High speed and stability

Comprehensive industrial automation requires high-speed and stable data storage products.

• High protection performance

Different industrial environments include a variety of high mechanical vibrations and external mechanical forces, as well as extremely high and low temperature working environments that may be faced, so require the data storage products with high protection performance.

• Data backup, power failure protection

Automated applications may also face the risk of unstable power supply. Real-time data storage and backup to ensure data integrity becomes more important.

Application Cases: